Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Almost) Published Artwork

Okay.  I haven't been drawing anything new, like I said I would in my last blog.  So, I thought I would share some more old artwork.
After I joined up with Instant Press back in 2001, Rene wanted me to draw my own comic.  He told me that I could do a back-up for his Dorks comic.
I am a big fan of mythology.  Thor is my favorite god (no hate mail please, my religious friends) and one of my favorite comic book characters.  Hence, I created THORK.
He was a regular Dork, working at a construction site, when he gets struck on the head by a hammer that has fallen out of the sky.  When he holds the hammer high, he transforms into Thork.  His construction belt becomes a belt of strength, his gloves turn to steel and his head sprouts wings.
Below is a one-page preview drawn by yours truly and inked by Rene Castellano.  This was originally supposed to appear in Instant Press 2003, which was never officially published.

Thork is TM and copyright David S. Gruba

Check out Rene's version of Thork.

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Idiot Press Comics said...

Thork shall one day come back to life. Didn't you also have a page you started on where he was passing some sort of dog? You should post that too.