Friday, March 27, 2009

Not So Long Ago...

Before University Park Library's March Madness Comic-Con, there was Table-Con. Organized by Nino Mesarina and La Morris Richmond, Table-Con was a complete convention at one table. The con took place in January at Third Coast Comics. There were guest artists and phone-in guest speakers. There was even a gaming section. Chesskers anyone?
At Table-Con, I was presented with my first Boba Fett sketch in my Star Wars sketchbook. Thanks Kev!

Out of the Sarlacc by Kevin Girard

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Wars: Return of the Sketchbook

Last Saturday was a busy day.
I started out as a guest at University Park Library's March Madness Comic-Con. I had a good time with all of the other guests, but due to the buckets of rain, attendance was low. I was able to get a couple of sketches for my Star Wars sketchbook.
Snakes on a Mace by Jason Baggett
Darth Vader by Jared Day

That evening, I joined a group of awesome artists for the Ashley Baltazar Benefit/Live Art Show. We did sketches and paintings for donations. The artwork helped raise almost $1900.00. It was a great night and I was glad to be part of it.
Below is one of the sketches that I did of Cranobi from Art Baltazar's Cray-Baby Adventures.

I was also able to get some Star Wars sketches from the great artists in attendance.

Yoda by Art Baltazar

Darth Vader by Sean Dove

Cantina Band by Mike Norton

Yoda by Gregory Titus

Greedo by Patrick Brower

Darth Vader by Nino Mesarina

Lando by Alejandro Rosado