Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Can't Draw

Rene "The Mexican Jesus" Castellano always yells at me when I say those three small words.  The truth of the matter is that when I was a younger man, I loved to draw.  I even studied art my first year in college.  But as time went on, I focused more on my writing and less on my drawing.
After Wizard World '08, I decided that I would start drawing again.  I haven't really done much since then, but I thought I would share some of my old drawings and a couple of new ones in hopes that this will spur me on to get the lead out.

Cerebus - 1981

Gravedigger - 1981

Cerebus - 1982

Leonardo - 1990

Bone - 2008

Craynobi - 2009


Idiot Press Comics said...

Drawing is only a concept. It's easy to get envious of somebody else who's just been doing it everyday for the past twenty, thirty or fifty years. We all get that way but some more then others. Many mite remember that I've always wanted to draw The Marvel Way. I tried and tried and just kept failing. One day I just decided that the cartoon style was what I was best at and I worked at it every chance I got and look how far I've gotten. For somebody that hasn't drawn in ages you sat down and just whipped out that Craynobi like it was nothing. You just need to practice and find what you're good at. It's not that you can't draw. It's that you don't want to.

GrubbMaster said...

Thank you, Sensei. I look forward to your tutelage.