Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May each year when participating comic book stores across North America and around the world give away certain comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores.  Also, local creators make appearances at various comic book stores on this day.  Here are some Chicago creators and stores that you need to check out on FCBD.

Raymond Leonard will be at Alternate Reality Comics located at 3147 West 111th Street.  You can pick up his FCBD preview of Guytron.

Dave Losso of Great Sandwich Detective fame will be doing a Tour d' Chicago.  Here is his crazy schedule:
1:00 to 3:00 at Brainstorm Comics - 1648 West North Avenue
3:30 to 4:30 at G-Mart Comics - 2641 North Kedzie
5:00 to 7:00 at The Comic Vault - 1530 West Montrose

You can also catch Nino Mesarina, creator of The Unbelievable Laundry Detergent Man, at The Comic Vault from 5:00 to 7:00.

Finally, Rene Castellano and I will be at First Aid Comics located at 1459 East 53rd Street in Hyde Park.  Our latest book, Bride of the Wolfman, will be available.  We will also have some free comics.

Go forth and support all of these fine artists and comic book stores.

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