Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Convention Season! Duck Season!

The 2012 Convention Season has started!

We kicked it off at DanCon 2012 on March 4th.  This year was bigger and better than last year, which was hard to top.  We premiered House of the Wolfman, the second book in the Tales of the Wolfman series, with a standard cover and an exclusive sketch cover.  The book sold well along with the first book, Bride of the Wolfman.  People really enjoyed Rene’s original sketch covers. 

Last Sunday, Rene and I were panelists for the Author Afternoon at the Beverly Arts Center.  We were joined by Jim and Pat McGreal, creators of the Future Shock comic strip, and Jim Nelson, writer and artist of Crosstown Crush.  We each gave presentations about writing, drawing and working in comics.  The crowd, one of the biggest for Author Afternoons, was very receptive and participated in the Q&A.  Afterward, many came up and spoke to us, looked at our work and even bought some books. 

Coming up (April 13th – 15th) is C2E2. (www.c2e2.com)
Rene and I will be at Table E19 in Artists Alley all weekend.
On Friday, we will be joined by artist Mark Lone. (www.marklone.blogspot.com/)  And on Saturday, Dann Phillips (www.dannphillips.com) will be at the table promoting his book, Starbomb. 

Then, 2 weeks after C2E2 (April 27th – 29th) is Anime Central. (www.acen.org) Rene and I will be at Table 18 in Artists Alley all weekend.  The collected trade of the mini-series Distant will premiere at this show.

May brings Free Comic Book Day on May 5th.  We will be signing at First Aid Comics in Hyde Park.(www.firstaidcomics.com)  As in past years, we will have a free mini-comic.  This year will be Feast of the Wolfman.  All of our other titles will be available for purchase.

Then on May 12th, we will be at Summit City Comic Con. www.summitcitycomiccon.com

Stay tuned for more convention news.

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