Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Life as a Writer - The Early Years

The writing itch first hit me in second grade. We had a newsletter called the 2’s News. The teacher would have everyone write about different topics (First Holy Communion, going on a picnic, etc.) and publish the best ones. You could also submit your own original stories and poems. So, my poem was published in the June 7, 1972 Issue. Here it is for your enjoyment.


Am I a deer?
Or am I a wall?
Am I a ball?
Or am I a dog?
Am I a tall animal?
Now I know what I am.
I am a person by the name of
David Scott Gruba.

Wow, identity issues at such a young age.
It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I would be published again. This next poem appeared in the 1979 edition of The Gift Horse, which was the school magazine.


An opening in space,
with stars contained in it.
There I wish,
my star-ship to sit.
Between the nova
and shooting star,
Away from the shooting,
explosions, deaths and war.
Where no alien matter has set.
Where no two planets have met.
But that is where I want to be.
To leave the confusion,
worry and fuss,
To just sit in
the light stardust.

A few years later, I had my first story published in the 1982 edition of The Gift Horse. It was "The Maze of Death" featuring Rasha al Kara, the prince of thieves. I later rewrote the story and changed the title to "The Wrath of Bal Tek." This version was published in Gruba Fiction.

As I come across more of my earlier writings, I will share them here. Hope you appreciate reading them as much as I enjoy rediscovering them.

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