Friday, October 24, 2008

Who Is White Knife?

In the open plains of the Mid-West, an evil shaman named Wolf-With-Fire terrorized the Cheyenne tribes, stealing their children and turning them into demons of his own. A warrior, whose name was derived from his pale skin and the fact that his mother bled to death during childbirth, convinced his tribe to fight back. His name was White Knife.
At the Mountain That Breathes Evil, White Knife and the Cheyenne warriors fought the demons and other creatures that protected the shaman. High within the mountain, they came upon the shaman's lair where he lay dying. With the last of his power, Wolf-With-Fire tried to curse White Knife with everlasting life, so that he would live to see all that he knew and loved die. But White Knife found the strength to strike the shaman down with his own tomahawk. Wolf-With-Fire's power exploded, causing White Knife to fall to this death. This, however, was not the end of White Knife.

White Knife - Unliving
Created and written by
David Gruba
Art by Dann Phillips and
Stan Tanaka
Coming in 2009 from Instant Press Comics

White Knife is
TM & Copyright
David S. Gruba

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